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Friendship gardens are the best. Garden friends share so much. No one forgets the kindness, hope & love that is given each time a plant is shared. I have a special interest in Hostas. I'm hoping to share my love of gardening & cultivate new garden friends through this website.

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"! I feel it is important not to take gardening too seriously. It needs to stay fun!

In the beginning; our neighbor Trudy planted daylilies at the end of our driveway. Thus planting area #1 began. The large yellow daylilies were beckoning for companions. Big red tulips, yellow daffodils, & grape hyacinths were added for spring. Purple cone flowers were a must & bright coreopsis, then a bold yucca from my aunt, & ruffled iris from friends. These plants welcome all to our home.

Well then, the new mailbox looked barren so other daylilies & ribbon grass found a home in flower bed #2.

Bed #3 began as I needed a place for Hostas! The soil was awful & planting each plant was an ordeal better forgotten. You know, one of those, "I'm not sure I'd ever do it again" sagas. It's now named "Grandma's Garden" in remembrance of my beloved gardening mentor.

Ron decided to build garden ponds & water falls. He did terracing with several large planting boxes. We enjoyed every minute of the project except the water leaks. Neighbors helped with the heavy work. Ron likes it when folks stop by to see his pond & fish. He loves talking about creating it. We have a motto for our gardens; "Creations by Ron & Marlys & God".

Visit Ron's pond in Beds [35], [36], [37], [38], and also Pond Plants.

The pond project led to planting projects, which led to yet other garden projects which seem to have no end. Each year we say, "No More"! And this year we mean it again. We have 40+ planting areas thus the website theme: "Gardening by the Number".

Please contact: penguin@iowatelecom.net with comments / questions / inquiries.

Visit the gardens often as seasons evolve. One sure thing is gardens are ever-changing.

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